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What is the Difference between Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Apes and Monkeys

About Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Apes and Monkeys, there is much confusion in the minds of mostly people that in which manner they are different. Many people think that these are just the different names of same animal. Well, it is not. Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Apes and Monkeys are really different animals not only in terms of structure, but with respect to habits and living style as well. So, don’t get confuse about these different animals and learn about them from this informative blog.


Chimpanzees are the closest animal species to human being. They belong to the order Primates and family Horminidae. There are two species of Chimpanzees called common chimpanzee and bonobo that lie in the genus Pan. Chimpanzees are the omnivorous animals.


The family, order and genus of gorillas are Hominidae, Primates and gorilla. Gorillas are herbivorous and after chamanzees, closest animal to human even have mucxh similar DNA with human being. In the order Primates, gorillas are the largest specie.


Apes are tailless animals that belong to order primates. However, apes belong to a super-family known as Hominoidea. This super-family of apes comprises two families called Hylobatidae and Himinidae. Apes could be both omnivorous and vegetarians.


Monkeys are also fit in the order primates and have tail. Monkeys have maximum number of species than any other primates like up till now, 260 species of monkeys have been discovered and most of them are arboreal means they spend most of their time on trees.

Chimpanzees vs Gorillas vs Apes vs Monkeys

The major family or super-family of primates is Hominoidea and apes lie in this family. While gorillas and chimpanzees are the members of sub-family of Hominoidea called  Hominidae. However gorillas are chimpanzees are different from each other in terms of intelligence. Of course, chimpanzees are more intelligent than gorillas. Moreover, gorillas live on ground in contrast to chimpanzees that spend most of their time on tees like monkeys. However, both gorillas are chimpanzees are tailless primates in contrast to monkeys that have tails. Similarly, monkeys are less intelligent than both gorillas and chimpanzees and have behavior and living style much different than both.

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