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What is the Difference between Blackbird, Hawk, Raven and Crow

Crow, Raven and Blackbird are the names of such birds that we commonly found around us and these birds usually live in public places. No doubt, we can recognize the hawks due to its living places and weird habits.  However, people usually think that blackbird, Raven and crow belong to same family and there is nothing or a minute difference between these same-looking birds. It is not and you can clear your mind after reading these following lines.


Blackbird, also known as common blackbird or Eurasian blackbird is generally found in Asia, Europe and North Africa. However, some subspecies of blackbird are also found in New Zealand and Australia. There are also several subspecies of blackbird, found in different regions. We cannot claim this bird, the fully resident of any particular place, partly or fully migratory, as it changes location according to altitude.


Hawks, the powerful birds, have strong feet with curved and very sharp talons to detain the prey. After capturing, they use their powerful beaks to tear and bite the meat. These are the residents of Canada and North America in actual, also found in some other countries as well. the family of this beautiful bird consists of above 270 species. However, different subspecies of hawks vary in terms of weight like from only 4 to more than 52 ounces.


A crow like bird raven that belongs to Corves genus has comparatively large size body. It is found in North America and Europe. The eating habits of some subspecies of raven vary according to area. Some ravens are omnivorous, but some like to eat only fruits.


The genus of crow is also Corves. The size and weight of different crow species vary in different area. The start from pigeon like size and can be as large as a common raven. However, in Canada and America, crows are only considered as American crows.

Blackbird vs Hawk vs Raven vs Crow

As the family of ravens and crows is same as Corvid, however blackbirds belong to thrush family. In terms of size, crows are much smaller than ravens and hawks, but raven can grow up to hawk size. The size of a blackbird could be from 23 to 29 cm. You can differentiate these birds on behalf of their tails as well that is wedge-like in case of raven, but fan like in case of crow.

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