What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Dragonflies Bees Skippers Butterflies and Moths

Our nature is very colorful thanks to lots of beautiful and multicolored birds, insects and animals. Butterflies always remain a source of attraction not only for the children, but for the elders. The reason is nothing, but a variety of colors embedded in every individual butterflies. Nothing is different in case of many other insects like dragonflies, bees, skippers and moths. No doubt, people remain inspired by the beauty and colorful appearance of these insects, but most of them don’t know the difference between them. Scientists have unveiled various aspects about these tiny insects such as Dragonflies Bees Skippers Butterflies and Moths, which areas following.

Dragon Fly

Dry fly belongs to order and suborder Odonata and Epiprocta respectively. The body description of dragon fly is elongated body with two pairs of perpendicular transparent wings. The unique features of dragon fly are its multifaceted eyes and six legs.


Bees are undoubtedly, the top listed most beneficial insect for human being thanks to a source of honey production. Bees produce honey by sucking the nectar of flowers by using their tongue. Bees also have two pair of wings and segmented antennas. There are lots of species of bees which ranges from 2.1 to 33 mm in length.


Skipper is a species of butterflies which is famous for its quick flying. There are further more than 3500 subspecies of skippers. These are characterized by large compound eyes than other butterflies. Moreover, they keep their well-rounded wings just upward and usually not found in red, yellow and blue colors of their wings.


In a broader sense, there are three types of butterflies which are called the original butterflies, the moth butterflies and the skipper butterflies. Overall all these types arte day-flying insects with four-stage life cycle that’s mean egg, larva, pupa and adult.


Moths look like butterflies but they have feathery or comb-like antennas. Moreover, moths have a unique body part frenulum which is not found in butterflies. Usually, moths have not as colorful range in their wings as butterflies and just characterized by brown, black, white and grey colors. Similarly, the body of moths is hairy unlike slender and smooth bodies of butterflies.

Dragonflies vs Bees vs Skippers vs Butterflies vs Moths

Despite having six legs, dragon flies cannot walk unlike bees. Unlike butterflies, moths and bees, the wings of dragon flies are transparent. Moreover, dragon flies can eat many other under discussion insects such as bees, butterflies, and moths. The major difference between skippers and other butterflies is that, skippers have hooked shaped antenna at the front instead of club-type antennas of other butterflies. Well, both butterflies and moth are very close relatives but they belong to different suborders which are Rhopalocera and Heterocera. Moreover, the eyes of moths and butterflies are superposition and apposition respectively.

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