What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Lion Tiger Panther Jaguar Leopard And Cheetah

There are many animals which live in the forest. Some are small and some are extremely large. Some of them eat trees and other vegetables and fruits while there are some carnivores which love to hunt the other animals. It is necessary to maintain the balance in the eco-system and for the survival of the predators. There are many animals which hunt down other animals to earn the living and make them able to sustain the tough hard atmosphere of the forest. The animals which are most commonly known for this are the members of the family felidea and here we are discussing some of them.


It is one of the four largest cats of its family and is the tallest among them. It is also called as the king of the forest due to its looks. Male has mane which makes him look powerful and sober.


They are the biggest cats on the planet earth and are recognized by the vertical black lines on their skin. The tiger has the longest canines and are a bit stout.


The term panther is used for the four large cats of family felidus which can roar but it is also used for the black panther which is completely black in color and this distinguish it from other members.


It is the third largest cat after tiger and lion and has the dots on its skin which distinguish it from the tiger. It is expert in ambush and has a very strong bite.


It is one of the four largest cats and is similar to the jaguar as it has the same rosette marks on its skin. It has an opportunist and hunting behavior.


It is the fastest living organism on the planet earth and is the only extinct member of the family felidea. It has dots on its skin just like tiger.

Lion Vs Tiger Vs Panther Vs Jaguar Vs Leopard Vs Cheetah

Lion, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Leopard And Cheetah are all carnivorous and fierce animals, but different from each other in terms of physical appearance and habits as well. Lion is the king of forest and is the tallest among all cats while tiger is the biggest and has sharpest canines. Cheetah is extinct and is the fastest among all. Leopard is an opportunist and has a hunting nature while jaguar is expert in ambush and has strong grip.

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