What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Mites, Ticks, Gnat, Lice, Fleas and Bed Bugs

There are a lot of kinds of insects around us. Some of them are harmful for animals and some for plants and humans. Insects like mites, lice, ticks, gnat, flease are the names of different insects. Let’s have a look on difference between them.


Mites belong to class arachinda. They are small arthropods found in water or in plants. They are very small and some species are microscopic and parasites.


Ticks belong to order lxodida. They are external parasites found on blood of birds and mammals. They are vectors of various diseases including lime, Qfever etc.


Gnat is tiny flying specie. These are from three different families .they usually found on plants. The gnat larvae are free-living and some of them are aquatic.


Lice are wingless insect. There are over 3,000 species of wingless insects and one of them is lice. They are known as disease agents in human hairs.


They are from order siphonaptera. They are wingless insects having mouthparts. They are external parasites and suck blood from skin of birds, mammals and humans.

Bed Bugs

They are from family cimicidae. They are parasite which prefers to suck human blood. They found in houses and within beds.

Mites vs Ticks vs Gnat vs Lice vs Fleas vs Bed Bugs

The difference between mites and ticks is, mites are small arthropods which are very small as unnoticed some time. They found on plants and water. While ticks are external parasites who suck the blood and become a vector of many diseases. Difference between gnat and lice is, gnat is tiny flying insect. They are found in plants. While, lice are wingless insects and suck the blood from mammals and humans. Flease and bed bugs are different from each other because flease are wingless external parasites and suck blood from skin of birds, mammals and human. While bed bugs only suck the blood from humans skin.

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