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What is the Difference between Rabbit, Wombat, Wallaroo, Kangaroo and Wallaby

Animals not only impart beauty to our earth, but a necessary part of our ecosystem and food chain as well. When we talk about beauty of our earth due to different animal species, we found a variety of amazing animal species. Rabbit, Wombat, Wallaroo, Kangaroo and Wallaby are the names of some really beautiful and strange animals. Among all these, some are closely related to each other in terms of appearance. Here are the differences between these different types of animal species.


Rabbits are commonly known herbivorous animals that are available in almost every region, but with different species and types like Amami rabbit, European Rabbit, Cottontail Rabbits etc. They belong to family Leporidae and class Mammalia. They are considered favorite dish in many countries and also keep as pet in homes.


Wombats are Austrailian short-legged mammals. they belong to family Vombatidae and fall in the category of marsupials. They are herbivores and characterized as animals with 1meter length, short tail and fur over entire body.


Wallaroo belong to family Macropodidae and closely related to Kangroos but with little body structure. Wallaroos are macropods and divided into three groups named as eastern Wallaroo, Black Wallaroo and Antilopine Wallaroo. They are herbivorous and Black Wallaroo is the smallest Wallaroo.


Kangaroo is also marsupial and belong to family Macropodidae. They are found only in Australia and New Guinea. They have powerful legs with large feet and long tail but small head. They are found in various groups like antilopine kangaroo, red kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo and western grey kangaroo.


The family of Wallaby is again Macropodidaen and they are marsupials. They are herbivorous animals and found in different groups like Red-necked Wallaby, Agile Wallaby, Rock Wallaby and Banded Hare Wallaby. They are also found in New Guinea and Australia.

Rabbit vs Wombat vs Wallaroo vs Kangaroo vs Wallaby

Except rabbit, all other discussed animals like Wombat, Wallaroo, Kangaroo and Wallaby are marsupials. It means, female members of these animals have pouch with numerous nipples for protection and feeding of their children. However, Wallabies, Wallaroo and Kangaroo belong to same family rather than Wombat that belong to different family. Similarly, Wallabies are the smallest in structure as compared to its other family members like Wllaroo and Kangaroo. Kangaroo is the largest marsupial among all others.

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