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What is the Difference between Sea Otters, Walrus, Seals and Sea Lions

There are many kinds of aquatic animals. Some of them are used for food and some are not eatable. Some can live in water and earth both. Marine mammals like sea lions, seals, sea otters and walrus are found in different oceans. Let’s have a look on difference between them.

Sea Otter

Sea otter is a mammal of marines. It is found in northern and eastern Pacific Ocean. An adult sea otter has a weight between 30 to 100 pounds. They have a exceptionally coating of fur on them, which make them different from other marine mammals.


It is another marine mammal, which has flippers. They found in arctic-ocean and sub-artic oceans of the north hemisphere. They have prominent whickers, tusks and a great bulk, which is their recognition.

Sea Lions

Sea lions are different from all marine mammals. They have long fore flippers, ear flaps and a special ability to walk on every floor including earth. They are related to the walrus.


They are semi-aquatic marine mammals. They are also known as pinnipeds or fin-footed mammals. They spend their most of life in water. They are normally one meter in length.

Sea Otter vs Walrus vs Sea Lion vs Seals

The difference between sea otter and walrus is, sea otter is a marine mammal having weight of 30 to 100 pounds. The major difference of sea otter to other marine mammals is the heavy fur on them. While walrus has flippers, tusks and whickers which make them different from other marine mammals. Difference between sea lion and seal is, sea lion is very different in shape. They have long flippers and earflaps. They also have an ability to walk on every type of floor. While seals are small from sea lions. They are semi-aquatic mammals, which spend their most of life in water.

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