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What is the Difference between 2WD, 4WD, FWD and AWD

When we talk about the driving system of vehicles, a lot of options come in front of us. some vehicles have two wheel drive system, while some are equipped with four wheel drive system. Similarly, some other systems like All Wheel Drive system are also available in this regard. To omit the confusion about these different types of vehicle driving system, here is a comprehensive difference between them.


The vehicles, having such drive train that permits only two rear wheels to receive power from engine is are called 2WD or Two Wheel Drive.


These are the vehicles, in which drive train allows all four wheels to get power from the engine at the same time and that are why they are called 4WD or Four Wheel Drive.


These are entirely different types of vehicles than ordinary ones. In these vehicles, the engines provide power to only front wheels. Mostly, traverse engines are used for FWD in contrast to longitudinal engines that are used for remaining drive systems.


All-Wheel Drive is similar to the full-time 4WD system, because it also sends torque to all four wheels constantly. However, these systems never have the option to operate in two-wheel drive like 4WD, and unlike the 4WD systems, the differential between the front and rear axles cannot be locked.

2WD vs 4WD vs FWD vs AWD

The main difference between all these vehicle drive system is that 2WD means engine power for only two rear wheels, 4WD means the engine power for all four wheels, FWD means the engine power for only two front wheels and AWD means also engine power for all four wheels but with no low torque feature that is the specialty of 4WD. You can say that AWD does not work, where high torque is required in contrast to 4WD that provides high torque very efficiently.

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