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What is the Difference between Pounds, Rupees, Euros and Dollars

There are different currencies used in various countries of the world. Some are used commonly by some countries like dollar is used in many countries and Euro is used in European countries. Pounds, Rupees, Euros and Dollars are the names of different currencies that are used in various parts of the globe. Let’s have a look on difference between dollar, pound, euro and rupee.


Pound sterling is usually known as pound. It is the official currency of United Kingdom. It is divided into further smaller unit called penny. There are 100 pennies in one pound. It is the fourth most traded currency.


It is a common currency name of many countries including Pakistan, India, srilanka, Nepal, Maldives etc. it is originated by a word rupya introduced by sher shah surrey, in 16th century. It is subdivided into paisa. There are 100 paisa in one rupee.


It is the official currency of the Europe zone. It is used in 17 of the 27 nations of the European Union. It is the second most traded and reserved currency in the world.


It is the world number one currency in trading. It is official currency of many countries in the world. Countries which have dollar as official currency are United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore Taiwan etc. it is subdivided into cents.

Pounds vs Rupees vs Euros vs Dollars

The difference between pound and rupee is, pound is the official currency of United Kingdom. It has different sign of indication. It is subdivided into penny. While rupee is the official currency of many Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal. It is originated from Sher Shah Suri. It is subdivided into pesa. The difference between dollar and euro is, euro is official currency of the many European countries. It is second largest traded currency in foreign exchange. While dollar is a worldwide used currency and official currency of many countries including u.s.a, Australia, New Zealand etc.

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