What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Flagella, Stereocilia, Microvilli and Cilia

Every living being in the universe consists of cells, which is the basic element of life and executes all the functions of body parts. In fact, each cell consists of different parts and the function of each part is different.

What is the Difference between Neutral, Earthing, Grounding and Bonding

Neutral, Earthing, Grounding and Bonding are some commonly using terms to describe an electric circuit system of either residential or commercial building. In the first look, it seems no difference between Neutral, Earthing, Grounding and Bonding, as people use them alternatively to describe the same type of wire.

What is the Difference between CNS and PNS Neurons

The nervous system in living beings is responsible for feeling the things our environment as well as thinking and taking breaths. As the nervous system is based upon performance of different types of neurons, so we can categorize these neurons into two major groups.

What is the Difference between Alternating Current And Direct Current

Electricity is the form of energy that we use to enlighten our living areas and to run the machinery of any type. Today, life has become impossible without electricity. The life of every human being isĀ  completely dependent on electricity.

What is the Difference between Immunoglobulins, T Cells, Antibodies and Antigens

Immune system in the living organisms is responsible for protection against diseases. In fact, the function of the immune system is to identify neutralize harmful bacteria and viruses by means of antibodies. We can say that when the immune system becomes week in the human body, the body is attacked by various diseases.

What is the Difference between Aquaphor, Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly

When we talk about cosmetic products or skin caring products, the most common names come in front of us are Aquaphor, Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly. Aquaphor and Vaseline are not only skin caring products, but act as ointment for healing purposes as well. In fact, the use of Petroleum Jelly products depends upon the percentage of petroleum jelly in its products.

What is the Difference between Watertight, Water Repellent, Waterproof and Water Resistant

Water is one of the basic and most desirable elements of our planet without which we cannot imagine life of any living organism on this planet. However, when we talk about some man-made things, we want to keep them safe from water as water is dangerous for those things. Such things are like electronic devices, building materials, paints and many more. We try to protect these things from water and that why we try to introduce such property in that thing or in the casing of that thing which could keep them safe from water.

What is the Difference between Lpg, Cng And Lng

Fuel sources are of different types and it is true that fuel is the pre-requisite for running every type of engine. It does not matter that this engine is using in automobiles or to run some machine in any industrial setup. There was a time, when petroleum was the only fuel source available to mankind.

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What is the Difference between Hydrology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Who is unaware about power of water and air? The need is just to handle and utilize these blessings of nature in useful and precise ways. Hydrology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics are the braches of science and technology that guide us about the proper utilization of water, air and gases.

What is the Difference between Watts, Bhp, Horsepower and Torque

Electricity is such a blessing for human being as it has made our life easiest in all fields of life. Today, we cannot imagine our life without electricity. However, being an artificial phenomena, there are some measuring units for electricity.

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