What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Photoshop Cs3, Cs4, Cs5 and Cs6

Adobe Photoshop or simply Photoshop is one of the most widely using graphics software all over the globe that helps us in making and editing of graphics both vector based and pixel based. For making designs of webpages, business cards, greeting cards, movie posters, animated advertisements and cartoons, millions of styles are possible thanks to  this miraculous software.

What is the Difference between Ansi, Utf-8, Unicode and Ascii

As all of us know that Encoding is a vast field of computer and telecommunication is not possible without encoding. In fact, the concept of encoding was evolved when people started thinking about communicate with each via digital devices. This was not possible without character oriented information.

What is the Difference between Google Android and Windows Mobile

Today, the craze of using smart phones has been increased very much all over the world. The reason behind this rapidly increasing trend is not only truly smart shape of these smart phones, but their fast software based technology as well that enables the users to perform all tasks on their smart phones just like computers.

What is the Difference between UI Developer, UI Designer and Web Designer

Computer has taken a very special place in our lives. It is working as designer, calculator, manager and many more. Software development is very important in this regard. With the advancement of technology, development of software, with respect to specific tasks is also very important.

What is the Difference between Postscript, Opentype and Truetype Font

Computers have brought a revolution in our lives. Communication, calculations, designing, in short we are using them in almost every field of life. However, for the proper functioning of computers it is necessary to understand the languages of it.

What is the Difference between Kernel, Operating System and Application Software

To perform the assigned task, a computer takes help from various programs or software comprising set of instruction for that specific task. Kernel, Operating System and Application Software are the names of such software that helps the computer to execute its assigned task.

What is the Difference between Antispyware, Antivirus and Internet Security

Today, we can say in true manner that without computer our life is just still. Computer has dominated every field of life and it has become a necessary part of every company just to manage its data in a simple and efficient manner.

What is the Difference between Agglomeration Aggregation Composition Association in Programming

If you are someone new in computer programming and want to get knowledge about basic and widely using terminologies of programming, this s the right blog for you. Agglomeration, Aggregation, Composition and Association in Programming are the terms that are much confusing for fresh programmers.

What is the Difference between Workbook, Spreadsheet and Worksheet

Computer has made our life easier than ever before. Now we can not only record our data precisely, but analysis and working with data is also very easy. Different programs are useful in this regard, but Microsoft excel is the most commonly used program.

What is the Difference between Xml File, Txt File, Csv File and Excel File

Documentation of computer has made the life of human being very easy. Today, we can work on variety of file extensions to put and process our data. Some file extensions allow alphabetical data and some mathematical, while some allow both formats.

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