What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Cause Side Effects Diagnosis Symptoms and Signs

There are different terms and words used in daily life. Some are used to tell about specific things and some typically shows the meaning of different things. Terms like side effect, symptom, diagnosis, sign are widely using words in our daily life. Let’s have a look on difference between them.

Side Effect

It is a term usually used for an effect which is referred as adverse effect. Normally side effect term is used for medicines and drugs, that a drug can contain what type of side effect.


It is a medical term which executes the normal function or feeling of a patient. It indicates about presence of any disease in patient. For example, symptom of fever.


A sign shows a connection among an objects and itself. Natural signs bear casual relation among objects. Fast wind is a sign of storm.


It is used in different fields of life. It is a process of identification about the cause and nature of any thing. In medical diagnosis are made for different diseases.


Cause is a relation between an event and effect, which is a second event. The second event is a consequence of the first one.

Cause vs Side Effects vs Diagnosis vs Symptoms vs Signs

The difference between side effect and symptom is that, side effect is a term used for any effect which contains chances to harm any thing. It is specially used for drugs. While symptom is a specific medical term which tells about the function or feeling of a patient that how he is feeling. Symptom also shows the presence of a disease. Difference between sign, diagnosis and cause is, sign shows the relation between an object and itself like a skeleton sign is used to show danger about a thing. While, diagnosis is a process to identify a problem or disease in different objects.

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