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What is the Difference between Delirium, Illusion, Delusion and Hallucination

Doubts, misperceptions, false ideas and wrong believe are the common problems of our society. In every country and every nation, lots of people are suffering from such unrealistic conditions. In some cases, these suspicious or uncertainties come in the minds of people without any reason and sometimes there are some solid reasons behind these false ideas. Delirium, Illusion, Delusion and Hallucination are the names of such suspicious conditions that a person may face in its life. Here is the description and difference between Delirium, Illusion, Delusion and Hallucination.


Delirium is the rapid change in metal condition of a person that appears in the form of severe confusion and rapid change in mood, feelings, perception and behavior. The cause of Delirium is some physical or mental illness. The patient needs to have some psychological treatment for better recovery.


Illusion is the assumption made by the mind of a person in the form of false impression of a true sensation either due to some depth perception or some biological sensory disturbance. Generally, there are three types of illusions; optical illusion, auditory illusion and tactile illusion.


Delusion is a pathological disease that occurs in the form of wrong or false believe but so strong that it involve a significant judgment. It is the result of some mental illness like poor memory, dogma, deep perception and illusion. There are four types of delusions like Bizarre Delusion, Non-Bizarre Delusion, Mood Neutral Delusion and Mood Congruent Delusion.


Hallucination is truly an audio, visual, tactile or gustatory perception of a person with no external stimulus. In this case, a person gets involve in perceiving the objects or events in really awake state. There are various organic and functional causes of Hallucination especially excess drug use.

Delirium vs Illusion vs Delusion vs Hallucination

Behind all these common problems in our society, there is always some mental illness and sometime some physical illness as well. Only Hallucination is the false state of mind in the form of making imaginations that has no pathological reason unlike delusion that is truly a pathological disorder. Moreover, in case of illusion some external stimulus is involved in contrast to Hallucination in which no external stimulus is involved. On the other hand, Delirium is the extreme condition of all other mental disorders like Illusion, Delusion and Hallucination and considered a psychological disease as well.

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