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What is the Difference between Emphysema Bronchitis Croup Wheezing Asthma Copd

There are different types of diseases in all over the world. There are different causes and symptoms of diseases. Some common diseases like bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and croup are different lungs diseases, which cause infection in breathing ways. Let’s have a look on difference between them.


It is a long-term disease which affects the lungs. It is also known as a progressive lungs disease in which the patient has a problem of short breath.


It is also a breath related disease. It is an infection in the main airways of the lungs. Bronchitis cause the bronchi inflamed.


It is a childhood disease. It affects the windpipe or trachea, and two lungs airways. A child affected by croup produce a barking cough and a harsh sound.


It is a long term disease. In asthma, a patient has a long term cough or wheezing. It is occur due to the inflamed bronchi, and bronchi do not act normal.


It is defined as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is collective diseases of lungs including chronic, bronchitis, and emphysema. A patient of copd has problem of breath come in and out.


Wheezing is the sign of having breathing problem. a person suffering from wheezing has whistling sound and it appears when air passes through its blocked breathing tubes.

Emphysema vs Bronchitis vs Croup vs Wheezing vs Asthma vs Copd

The difference between emphysema and bronchitis is, emphysema is a progressive lungs disease. Which causes the short breath problem. While bronchitis is also a breath disease in which the main air way of lungs is affected and bronchi get inflamed. Difference between croup and asthma is, croup is a specific childhood disease which affects the windpipe or trachea. It produces a harsh sound from throat. While asthma is a long-term disease causes the long-term cough and wheezing. It inflame the bronchi. COPD is a collective breath disease, which includes emphysema, bronchitis and chronic disease.

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