What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Herpes, Cold Sore, Boil, Cyst, Zit and Pimple

We all suffer from different diseases, at different stages of our lives. Some problems are really common among the people, while others are rare. Pimple, Boil and cold sore are few common skin related issues, which almost everyone faces once in his life time. However, these problems are similar and a common man cannot distinguish. Here we are discussing few basic differences between them.

Herpes and Cold sore

Herpes is the viral disease caused by two types of viruses. Oral herpes is the most common type of herpes, in which mouth, lips and face is affected. It is transmitted with direct contact with a lesion or body fluid of a patient. Skin to skin contact may also occur. It is diagnosed with visible sores or ulcers; however, diagnosis at early stages is difficult. A cure for this disease has not been developed yet. Herpes is commonly called as Cold sore.


Boil is an infection associated with hair follicle. It is caused by a bacterium. The signs include the swelling of skin and accumulation of dead cell around the infection. The size of boil can range from pea to golf size ball. Patient also complaint about fever and sever pain.


Cyst is the cold sac which has a distinct membrane and it may have air, fluid or semi solid material. An acne cyst is the complicated skin problem, which requires long term treatment. However, a cyst can vanish with the time or we can remove it with surgery.

Pimple and Zit

Pimple is the type of skin infection, which results after the blockage of skin pores. When skin pore get blocked due to dirt, sedum or oil substances, pimple appear on the skin. Sever pimples can lead to acne. Pimple is also called as Zit.

Herpes vs Cold Sore vs Boil vs Cyst vs Zit vs Pimple

All these have different causes, as herpes is the viral infection and boil is bacterial, while cyst and pimple are not caused by any of these. Boil are usually associated with hair follicles, while herpes and pimples are not related to hair. Herpes is more painful then pimples and cyst.

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