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What is the Difference between Obsession, Craziness, Madness and Insanity

Physical health and mental health are very important for human well being. A healthy body keeps a healthy mind is a famous saying. However, some individuals have issues with their mental health and due to some reason their mental abilities are not normal. Obsession, Craziness, madness and insanity are some commonly used words in this regard. We use them interchangeably, but there is a difference between them.


Obsession is used in many different meanings. A dictionary says that the domination of one’s thought or feelings by a persistent idea, is called as obsession. In behavioral sciences, obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder, which is associated with uneasiness, apprehension, fear and many repetitive behaviors. Symptoms include excessive washing and cleaning, repeated rechecking and violet thoughts. We can easily find people around us, which are more or less having these problems.


When a person shows abnormal mental or behavioral patterns, it is called as craziness. It is also used in funny terms, when someone shows an act of extraordinary braveness and boldness. However, in behavioral sciences, it is a short term state of mental disturbance.


When someone loses his mental balance completely and he is unaware of the fact, that what he is doing, this state of mind is called as madness. Such patients need complete care and proper treatment.


Insanity is also used in terms of madness, but particularly when patient shows no respect to societal norms and ethics. In this case, he becomes dangerous, not only for himself but for the people around him. It is a long term disorder, which needs serious attention and long term treatment.

Obsession vs Craziness vs Madness vs Insanity

All these terms are closely related, rather at some places they are used in same meanings. Obsession is the domination of mind by any idea, it is very common in our society but very few people know about it, so generally it is not recognized. Craziness is the mental disturbance, but it is also used in funny meanings. Obsession is a negative term but craziness is at times use to show the braveness.  Madness is a serious issue when someone is complete unaware of this doings, and if he proves harmful for himself and the society, it is insanity. Insanity is relatively permanent disorder, while madness and craziness are usually short term and one can cope with them. Therapies and medicines both are used according to the mental state of patient and the stage of disorder.

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