What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Sickness Disorder Syndrome Illness and Disease

When any living organism gets physical or mental abnormality and not feel well, we use different words for him like sickness, disorder, syndrome, illness and disease. Usually, people do not feel any difference between these terminologies and use any one of these words to describe the disturbing condition of that person. However, it is not. No doubt, the basic theme of these terminologies is same, but there are some differences between them that are as following.


Sickness is a term used to describe the state of a person, who is suffering from any disease or malady and not feeling well.


Disorder is a term that is used to describe the disability of a person that is due to malfunctioning of any organ or a result of severe disease. Another major cause of disorder is accidents as well.


Any abnormal attitude and appearance of many symptoms at a time that indicate different diseases is called syndrome.


Illness means simply poor health that is a vogue condition and sometimes has no reason. Any type of illness is curable.


Abnormality in physical condition of a living organism that also affects its normal routine and appears in clearly form is called disease. Every disease must have some reasons and symptoms, but every disease must not have completely curable treatment.

Sickness vs Disorder vs Syndrome vs Illness vs Disease

Sickness is a broader term that means weaker condition either due to any disorder, disease or illness. While, disorder is functional disability of any part of body that may be due to any sudden accident or the reaction of a longer disease. Syndrome is a clear indication of many symptoms caused by different diseases. On the other hand, illness and disease are different in such manner that behind illness, it is not necessary to any reason in contrast to disease that must be due to some reason. Moreover, not all types diseases are curable in contrast to illness that is always curable.

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