What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Autobiography Bibliography Biography and Memoirs

We have different hobbies, some like to collect plants, tickets and different other items. Many people adopt reading as their hobby, as they love literature and want to know about different things. When we talk about literature some terms are commonly used, for instance, Autobiography, bibliography, biography and memoirs. They all are different and we cannot take them as one. Here we are discussing the difference between these terms.


When someone writes a book about his life, it is called as autobiography. He writes about his experiences of life and how he spent his life. Autobiographies of many great people are really famous.


When we do academic study of books, and take then as cultural and physical objects, this practice is called as bibliography. It is concerned with the sources of books, which were consulted for writing a particular book. It is very important for the authenticity of a book.


When an author writes life story of a person, it is called as biography. It is not only about the work of that personality, rather it is about the life experiences of that person. This is not considered as fiction, but fiction style can also be used to describe a person’s personality.


The term memoirs and autobiography are used interchangeably but they are slightly different. A memoir is about the life of a person, which he writes about himself, but it is more flexible and focused.

Autobiography vs Bibliography vs Biography vs Memoirs

Autobiography and memoirs are almost similar, where the writer writes about his life story but memoirs are more focused than autobiography. On the other hand, biography is also about the life of a personality, but it’s not written by the person himself unlike autobiography that w person write about its own life himself. Usually, only those people try to write autobiography, who have some previous and famous written work. Bibliography is also about life experiences of a person, but usually in non-fiction style. Bibliography of a person is also an effort of some famous author rather than its own effort.

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