What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Conclusion, Summary, Abstract and Introduction

Writing an essay or article is truly an art. There are many parts of an essay like Abstract, Introduction, Summary and Conclusion. The symmetry, proper placing and quality of each part with real sense of that part is necessary for making a well-written and perfect essay. If you want to become a true writer, it is necessary to know the difference between these different parts of an essay. Here is the difference between Abstract, Introduction, Summary and Conclusion.


An abstract is the in-depth analysis or theme of an article that is written in the form a short summary. You can say an abstract is the short summarized statement that high-lights the important parts of an easy or article.


Introduction is the first paragraph or first few lines of a story, or piece of writing. As Introduction is a preliminary part of an easy, so it prepares the ground for reading an essay by describing the area of study that is discussed in next lines.


Summary is just brief but comprehensive description of whole story of an easy. The aim of writing summary is describing all the discussed matters in a brief but meaningful way.


Conclusion is the answer or final part of an easy or piece of writing that describes the verdict or final decision of an essay.

Abstract vs Introduction vs Summary vs Conclusion

Abstract is in fact, not the part of an easy. It just describe the theme of writing an easy or piece of writing in contrast to summary that is different with abstract just in this sense, that it includes all the important parts of a detailed easy. By reading a summary, a person has no need to read all the detailed easy, while by reading abstract, a person cannot think about content of essay. Similarly, introduction is preliminary part of a piece of writing that disclose the area of discussion that is going to discussed in that easy. However, conclusion is just the final verdict of an essay.

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