What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Food Pyramid, Food Chain and Food Web

Food is no doubt, one of the most compulsory needs of every living being. Without food, we cannot imagine the life on earth. If we see in depth, we conclude that all living beings are a source of food generation for one another.  You can say that all living beings are necessary for each other in terms of creating a food chain, food web and food pyramid. Some people think that there is no any difference between these three terms. However, this concept is wrong and here is its proof.

Food Pyramid

A pyramid-like food guide that reflects suggested intake for every food group is called food pyramid. This nutrition guide was first released in 1974, in Sweden. Food pyramid is divided into five major groups like vegetables and fruits, grains, dairy products and milk, fats and the last one comprises of fish, meat, nuts and beans.

Food Chain

Food chain is a part of food web that begins with species; eat no specie in the web and goes up to those species that are not the food of any other species. It is a linear sequence that was came in front in 1927 and was published by Charles Elton. There are four major parts of food chain such as sun, producers, consumers and decomposers.

Food Web

As the nature of food vary for different animals, so this huge range comprises of food web rather than food chain. In food web, a long list of food variety is available. In fact, it is nothing but a relationship between animals and plants in the form of a diagram. There are two major groups in food web like producers and consumers. Producers prepare their own food by taking energy from sun and these are plants that are used by consumers means animals.

Food Pyramid vs Food Chain vs Food Web

A single chain of organisms that consists of consumed things and consumers as well is called food chain. While, a food web comprises of arrows that points out consumers and producers in a regular order. On the other hand, food pyramid is much different from the other two classes, as it shoes the quantity of food that one need to remain healthy.

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