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What is the Difference between Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, and Regular Salt

Salt is the spice of life. No food is complete if it is without salt. This is one mineral which is used the most in world on daily basis. Travelling around the world will change foods, change the recipes, change the taste even changes the spices but one thing that will be common everywhere in every dish is salt.  On some places found mined salt only while on other places sea salt or kosher salt is found.  Let’s see how is salt different in different places.

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is made from brine, by raking it in the process of evaporation. This leaves the solid square shaped particles of salt. Kosher salt was named so because Jews use this salt in their kosher. This salt is less dense and it makes the blood to come out of meat easily. It dissolves easily and faster. It cuts the after-tastes of the food and drinks. This is why it is found in kitchen of many professional chefs.

Sea Salt

This salt is extracted from sea water through the process of vaporization. This salt has traces of other minerals too. This means sea salt is not pure and well refined. Sea salt may have different quantities of different minerals depending on the sea water from where it is taken. There are different types of sea salt few are: black salt, coarse salt, Hawaiian salt, grey salt etc.

Regular Salt

Also called table salt, it is mined salt, and is made from brine but it is well refined and pure. This salt also has many varieties. The mined salt is mixed with iodine to make it iodized which is necessary for bones and brain health. Different types are: pickling salt, rock salt, popcorn salt, iodized salt etc.

Kosher Salt vs Sea Salt vs Regular Salt

The first and the main difference is the way through which they are extracted. Kosher and mined salt are made trough brine while sea salt is made from the sea water evaporation. The second difference is taste, this taste changes the taste of the food altogether. Third is process, mined salt is easier to get then kosher and sea and their particles are also different. Their use makes the third difference.

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