What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Pickles Courgette Gherkins Cucumber Zucchini

There are different type of fruits and vegetables available in various parts of the world. They may be same in shape with each other but their taste and nutritional affect is different from each other. Sometimes, these fruits and vegetables are mixed up with each other to prepare weird recipes. Pickles, Courgette, Gherkins, Cucumber and Zucchini are one of these special recipes. Let’s have a look on difference between cougette, gherkin, zucchini and pickle.


In British English zucchini is also called courgette. It is a vegetable which is served in cooked form. In sweet dishes zucchini is used as an ingredient.


It is a fruit look like cucumber in shape. Gherkin and cucumber are from same species. There are no difference between both in form and nutrition. They are normally used in sweet dishes.


A zucchini is a summer squash. They are normally grown in a half meter length. Basically it is hybrid of another vegetable cucumber. It is cooked and served as vegetable.


A cucumber can be pickled with vinegar or brine. In Australia, Canada and United States, they are known as pickle and generally gherkins in UK.


Cucumber is a ground plant in cylindrical form. It is safe to eat fruit, but also used as vegetable. It is one of the mostly grown plants all over the world. The three major varieties of cucumber are pickling, slicing and purples.

Pickles vs Courgette vs Gherkins vs Cucumber vs Zucchini

The difference between zucchini and cougette is, in American English courgette is also known as zucchini. They are almost same in shape and taste. They both use in sweet dishes but they are different in length. Gherkin is like cucumber in taste and shape. The difference between gherkin and courgette is that, gherkin is a fruit while courgette is used as vegetable. Pickle is made from cucumber with vinegar and brine.

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