What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Dslr, Bsi-Cmos, Live Mos, Exmor Cmos and Ccd

There are many moments and functions which are worth to remember and are really enjoy by the people. They like to remember them and keep them alive in their memories and like to remember the moments when they were together with their loved ones and miss those moments. There are many things by which these memories can be stored. Some people write diaries while some make pictures of them. The most practical method is taking photographs and the storing them so that whenever u sees them the whole story runs in front of your eyes. Here are different types of lenses that are used in cameras.


It is a high quality mirror system which is used to produce better quality images and is used in the digital cameras. It allows the light to fall on the lens and help in better quality image.


It is the type of sensor lens which is used to take photos in low light as it catches more light and reflects it on the lens. These are used in low light conditions.

Live MOS

It is a high quality sensor which is used to get the high quality like the CCD lens but consume relatively less energy than those lenses and work like MOS lens.


It is a sensor which is used for the high density cameras and also can convert digital and analog functions into each other. It is a product of Sony.


It is the high quality sensor and is widely used professionally and scientifically. It relatively consumes more energy than the CMOS lens.


DSLR is the high quality sensor and is used in the Digital cameras while BSI-CMOS is used for the photography in the low light conditions. Live MOS is a product of Panasonic and claims for best quality and lower power consumption while EXMOR CMOS is a product of Sony and is used in high density cameras. CCD is the best but also takes lot of power.

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