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What is the Difference between Passport Book and Card

Passport book and passport card are commonly used by the citizens of United States these days. They both are used for travelling purposes. Passport book is a traditional document but card is the new thing. So people are confused between the two. Here we are mentioning few basic differences between the two, which will help you to decide that which one you want.

Passport Book

Passport book is in use as a travelling document, almost all over the world. It allows the travelers to travel by any means, i.e. one can travel by air, land or sea. Passport book is larger than the size of common wallet so one needs special passport holder to keep it safely.

Passport card

Passport card come into the scene in 2008, when United States issued it to its citizens. Since then millions of cards has been issued to the people. However, the use of card is limited yet and travelers can use it only for land and sea travel. It is valid to travel from Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and Bermuda. For air travel, passengers should have a passport book. The fee for passport card is economical and one can easily pay that. Its size is similar to a credit card so one can easily keep it in his wallet.

Passport Book vs Passport Card

Passport book has a long history while card is a new travelling document. The size of card makes it easy to fix in wallet, while passport book cannot be kept in wallet. Passport book is valid for any kind of travel, while card is valid for sea and land travel only. A Passenger can travel to only few countries by sea or land, if he has passport card for air travel, he should get passport book. The application and renewal fee for passport book is higher as compared to passport card.

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