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What is the Difference between Plywood, Timber And Lumber

We get wood from almost all type of trees and use it for various domestic and industrial purposes. Wood is no doubt, one of the most ancient raw material that is used for making wide range of domestic and industrial goods and still used in the same manner. Plywood, Timber and Lumber are the names of wood products that are often confusing for most of the people due to their similar names. Many people think that these three words are interchangeable and refer to the same product. However, there are some differences between them that are as following.


Plywood is a wood product that is prepared by wood veneers means very thin slices of wood that do not have thickness more than 3 mm glued together to make plywood. To prepare plywood, the grains of adjacent plies should be at right angle to each other. It is one of most widely using wood product thanks to its greater strength, durability, shrinkage and cracking resistance. Moreover, it is cheaper and reusable wood product.


The word timber is mostly used for the wood of alive or standing trees rather than cut trees. However, the word timber is in fact a term that is also used for wood products like timber floor board in various parts of the globe especially in Australia and New Zealand. However, Americans and Canadians use this word for the wood of living tress that can be used to make wood boards.


Lumber is also used in similar meanings as timber. It is also a term that has different meanings in different parts of the world. It can be any form or stage of wood either raw form or finished form and the meanings depends upon trend of belong to different areas.

Plywood vs Timber vs Lumber

Plywood is simply the product of wood that is used for making doors, furniture, floor and roof panels, die-cutting boards, sports and musical instruments and a long range of wooden products that is just due to its flexibility, durability and shrinkage resistance. However, timber and lumber are two similar words that are mostly used as synonyms of each others. in Canada and United States timber means raw wood and lumber means wooden boards in cut form. However, this concept is entirely opposite in New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom where timber means sawn wooden products unlike the word “lumber” that is used for raw wood.

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