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What is the Difference between Do and Md

Medical science has made great progress and serving humanity on larger scale. No one can deny the importance of doctors and other medical practitioners. Do and Md are two commonly used terms, but there is slight difference between the two. They are two different approaches for medical students; here are few differences between the two.


Do Stand for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. When a person chooses to become a doctor, he has Do as one of his options. After passing the MCAT test, DO have to pass the COMLEX examination also. Do treats the whole body as he gets training on the musculoskeletal impact on entire body of patient. Dos are trained to connect different problems with each other and find the root cause of the actual problem.


Md stands for Doctorate of medicine; they are the general physicians which prescribe the medicines in hospitals. Mds can prescribe the medicines to the patient in almost any disease. They are trained to treat the affected areas only. Md passes the USMLE test after taking MCAT.

Do vs Md

The obvious difference between Do and Md is that Dos and Mds are two different types of Doctors, which pass state examination to practice their attained education. In both cases, candidates get four years training, but Dos get extra training to treat musculoskeletal problems. After MCAT, a Do passes COMLEX examination, whereas a Md passes USMLE examination. Dos treat the whole body as they are trained to examine different parts of body to identify the root cause of disease. On the other hand, Mds treat localize affect of any disease.  Mds can prescribe the medicine for the patient, while Do can identify the problem, but cannot prescribe the medicine, until it is very necessary. Training period is almost same, but both have different expertise.

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