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What is the Difference between Doctor, Nutritionist and Dietitian

Health professionals have a very important role in the formation of healthy society. Doctors, Nutritionists and dieticians are equally important. They have some similar jobs, but their roles are entirely different. Here we are discussing some differences between them.


Generally we call them doctors, but actually they are physicians. These health care providers are responsible for maintaining and restoring our health. They diagnose the disease and treat it properly. Moreover, they are also responsible for helping us in case of injuries and other physical and mental impairments.


Nutritionists are generally not qualified persons. On the basis of their experience and knowledge they can guide a person about his health. Usually they advise about weight gain or weight loss. Moreover, they can also guide sports persons, that how they can enhance their fitness by using proper nutrition. Usually, movie stars and other show biz personalities hire a nutritionist, who helps them in maintaining their beauty and health with appropriate diet.


Dietitians are the accredited professional, which receive their certificates from a recognized institution. They do internship in hospitals and other medical facilities. They job is to create meal planer for different patients. They deal with individual patients and advice them about their diet according to the nature of their disease. Patients recovering from diseases also take their help to re-gain their health soon.

Doctor vs Nutritionist vs Dietitian

All these are health care professionals but their working spheres are different. Doctors treat disease and prescribe medicines but nutritionist and dietitians cannot do so. Nutritionist help in fitness and other related issues, but they are not necessarily qualified. On the other hand, dietitians are qualified professionals, who plan proper meals for the patients of different diseases. Many schools also hire them to create a meal planner for the young kids.

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