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What is the Difference between Leg Lifts, Planks, Pilates, Crunches and Situps

Regular exercise is the sign of leading healthy life. Exercise is as necessary for a person, as balanced diet. However, there are different types of exercises and each exercise is related to some particular body organ as well as specific aim. Leg Lifts, Planks, Pilates, Crunches and Situps are the names of different types of exercises. If you are concerning about some specific type of exercise to get any special aim, you must read this article. Here is the description and differences between these various kinds of exercises.

Leg Lifts

For getting better stabilization and muscle control, leg lift is the recommended exercise. In this type of exercise, a person lies straight on the flat surface with keeping arms on the ground. While, the toes of feet should pointing towards the roof with straight legs.


For strengthening shoulders, back and abdominal, plank exercise is the recommended one. This is a tough exercise in which the person keeps its body in push-up position, but sidewise and then puts the body weight on toes, elbows and forearms with continuous up and down movement in this position.


Pilates is the exercise for getting complete physical fitness, especially developing flexibility and strength in muscles of legs, arms, back and abdominal. For doing this exercise, the person must seek the use of apparatus and six principles, without which there is no meaning of Pilates.


Crunch is a special type of abdominal exercise with the aim of developing six-packs. In this exercise, the person lies on the floor with rising knees in bending position and hands behind the neck. After that, the person moves its shoulders towards pelvis.


For strengthening abdominal muscles and hip flexor, sit-up is the best exercise. In this exercise, the person lies on the ground, keeps its hands at the back of neck, bent its knees and then raise the body up till that position, when only hips touch the ground.

Leg Lifts vs Planks vs Pilates vs Crunches vs Situps

All these exercises are not only different in terms of aim, but also in procedure. The aim of leg lifts is getting better muscle control by lifting the legs towards ceiling. While, Planks is the recommended exercise for empowering back, shoulders and abdominal. Pilates is the very technical exercise that needs apparatus and strictly following six rules with an aim of muscle’s flexibility and strength. Crunch is pure abdominal exercise for building up sic packs. The aim of sit-ups is not very different from crunches, but this is much tough exercise as compared to crunches.

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