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What is the Difference between Nebulizer, Humidifier and Vaporizer

If you are living in a cold area, the names like nebulizer, humidifier and vaporizer might be not new for you. Moreover, if you have been suffered from asthma or any other respiratory diseases, even you are living in a warm climate then you must know the exact meaning of these superb solutions.  Actually, in case of suffering from asthma or some other respiratory diseases, the devices like nebulizer, humidifier and vaporizer are the efficient solutions of these problems. Here, is difference between these devices.


For curing respiratory diseases as well as asthma, nebulizers are the best solution. The medical suspensions that are harmful for respiratory system, are broke up by using oxygen, compressed air or ultrasonic power by means of nebulizers into little aerosol droplets. The way of this treatment is inhaling a mouthpiece device.


To raise the level of moisture in a single unit like a room, a device is used that is named as humidifier. There are two types humidifiers. First is point-of-use that is suitable for single room use. The second type is furnace humidifier  that is feasible for complete home.


A vaporizer is an appliance generally attached to an anesthetic machine which delivers a given concentration of a volatile anesthetic agent. Vaporizers release moisture into the ambient air and are typically used to relieve dry air in homes and improve air quality.

Nebulizer vs Humidifier vs Vaporizer

No doubt, both vaporizers and nebulizers work by putting a liquid medium into the atmosphere. Nebulizers and vaporizers are different in a number of ways. Nebulizers are used only to treat a single person at a time; vaporizers can treat several people or a whole room, depending on the size of the vaporizer. Nebulizers are always medicated, while vaporizers typically are not. Nebulizers utilize liquids at room temperature; but warm-air vaporizers use liquids that have been heated. On the other hand, a humidifier can be used to break up phlegm in upper and lower respiratory infections, it is also used to treat dry skin and sinus headaches.

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