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What is the Difference between Oxycodone and Hydrocodone

In case of extreme pain, people want to do anything to get rid of it. Many medicines are found in the markets that are pain killer. Two such drugs are Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. These two are chemically alike and give almost same results, but then they have differences too. They are often criticized due to their potential hazardous effects if they are not used in proper way.


It is given to the patients having extreme pain due to some chronic ache, serious injury or even to the patients of cancer. It is considered more potent, as it gives fast relief from extreme and unbearable pains. It is placed under schedule II drugs or narcotics because it develops the habit of taking it, in the patient. To get these drugs in controlled proportion, the doctors write special prescription for it, when it is actually needed.


It is a drug given to the patients in minor to moderate degree of pain. This is not only effective in relieving the pain but also manages coughing. The drugs prepared with hydrocodone are placed in narcotic schedule III category, which means that still hazardous to health, if consumed unnecessarily. Due to its placement in schedule III, doctors can simply tell the pharmacy to release the drug to the patient.

Oxycodone vs Hydrocodone

Oxycodone is the faster pain relieving drug while hydrocodone is used in minor to moderate pain cases. Oxcodone is even given to the cancer patients due to its highly effective nature. Oxycodone is 5 times better in effectiveness than hydrocodone. The oxycodone drugs are prepared only with single element i.e. oxycodone while hydrocodoen drugs are prepare by mixing it with other elements. Oxycodoen in placed in narcotic schedule II category while hydrocodone is placed in narcotic schedule III category. Oxycodoen can’t be found easily as compared to hydrocodone. Both should not be used unnecessarily because of their placement in narcotic drugs.

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