What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Periodontist Endodontist Orthodontist and Dentist

Doctors and physicians are part of human society since long. They take care of our health and help us when we are sick. With the advancement of technology, we have different branches of health sciences and doctors are available which deal with a particular part of the body. Teeth are very essential part of the human body and a toothache is really difficult to bear. In the past dentist were the only doctors, which were used to treat our teeth related problems, but now a day we commonly hear the names of periodontist, endodontist, Orthodontist and dentist. Here are some key differences between them.


Periodontist is the person, who deals with diseases related to gums. If someone completes his 4 years of dental education, he has to study for three more years to become a Periodontist. These doctors help us to prevent and treat gum diseases. No one can diagnose a gum disease better than a Periodontist.


An Endodontics is a person, who deals with those diseases, which are related to tooth pulp and surrounding tissues of a tooth. An Endodontics deals with root canal therapy, surgery and dental trauma. Root canal therapy is a common procedure, and the majority of people are familiar with it.


A doctor which helps us in strengthening our teeth using braces is called as Orthodontist. Problems like tooth irregularity, inappropriate jaw and similar are treated by these orthodontist. The focus of their treatment is on dental placement and they work for the overall beauty of the face, related to teeth.


A dentist is the person, who deals with the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of those diseases,which are related to the oral cavity. They are also called as dental surgeons. There are many other branches of dental surgery.

Periodontist vs Endodontist vs Orthodontist vs Dentist

All these doctors deal with the different diseases of the teeth. Dentist deal with the overall oral cavity and diagnose and treat related diseases. One the other hand, periodontist treat gum related disease and endodontics work on tissues which are around the tooth. They perform a root canal procedure. Orthodontists work with the beauty related to teeth, they can place braces to align uneven teeth. To get all these specializations, a person has to complete 4 years basic dental education and then further education related to a particular field. The dentist is the umbrella term, while all other relate to different parts of the oral cavity.

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