What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Pipe Tobacco Hookah Cigars Cigarettes Weed Dip

The use of tobacco is very common all over the world, but different people use tobacco in different forms. Some people inhale tobacco, while some taste tobacco. Pipe, Hookah, Cigars Cigarettes, Weed and Dip are the different forms of tobacco. No doubt, the ingredients and purpose of all these forms is same, but there are some differences between them that are as below.


The pipe used for smoking is one of the oldest forms of inhaling tobacco that has main three parts; the chamber of tobacco combustion, a long shank and mouth piece.


Tobacco is leaves of a plant that can be burned and its vapors can be inhaled or tasted. Tobacco is no doubt, the most popular and most widely using product for smoking purpose.


Hookah is also very oldest form of inhaling tobacco, but in quite safe form. In fact, Hookah is an instrument for burning tobacco either alone or along with some other ingredients and water is used as coolant for smoke.


A bundle of very special tobacco, in the dried and fermented form, is known as cigar. The special feature of cigar is that, after ignition, its tobacco smoke is inhaled in the large quantity.


Cigarette is the most widely using form of smoking tobacco that is present in very small and beautiful tobacco roll. The tobacco present in this form is finely grained. One end of cigarette is open for ignition, while the second end is equipped with filter.


Weed or cannabis is a plant-based psychoactive drug. The use of weed is common not only for recreational purpose, but also for medical, spiritual and religious purposes.


Dip is a tobacco product that is moistened, finely ground and smokeless. This moistened tobacco is kept in the mouth for almost 20 minutes and nicotine is slowly absorbed in the arteries.

Pipe vs Tobacco vs Hookah vs Cigars vs Cigarettes vs Weed vs Dip

All these things are different forms of inhaling or tasting tobacco except weed. Pipe is the executive form of inhaling tobacco, but in three parts like chamber, pipe and mouth piece. Cigar and cigarette is finely grained tobacco, but in wrapper. However, cigar is thicker than cigarette. Dip is entirely different form of tobacco that is available in moistened form and tasted rather than inhaled.

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