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What is the Difference between Old English, Anglo Saxon and Anglo Celtic

England that is now the part of Great Britain has very old history and one of the oldest civilizations of the globe. Old English, Anglo Saxon and Anglo Celtic are the terms that are used for old English civilization. Normally, many people think that these are synonym words to represent Old English people and there is no any difference between them. However, it is not, as these terms are somewhat different from each other in many respects. Here is the difference between Old English, Anglo Saxon and Anglo Celtic.

Old English

The term Old English People is still highly debating, as some people think that old English people were the descendents of Germanic tribes like Saxons, Angles and Jutes that came to Britain as well as early Britons that were already settled in Old Britain and Ireland. These were the people who called them English and area in which they living as England. However, some people think that old English people were only the decedents of Anglo Saxons.

Anglo Saxon

Anglo Saxons were the Germanic tribes that migrated to Britain during the beginning of 5th century and their period goes from 550 to 1066. They moved to Britain just after release of Britain by Roman Occupation. There were three main tribes that we collectively call Anglo Saxons and the names of these tribes were Angles, Saxons and Jutes.

Anglo Celtic

Anglo Celtic is the term derived from two terms Anglo that particularly means Angle tribe that was migrated to Britain in early 5th century as well as Celtic people that ere the inhabitants of British Isles like Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Cornwall. Today, this term is specially used for the old Australian people there the decedents of British and Ireland.

Old English vs Anglo Saxon vs Anglo Celtic

The very clear difference between Old English, Anglo Saxon and Anglo Celtic is that, Old English people were the group of people that was the made by both ancient habitats of Britain as well as Anglo-Saxon tribes. However, Anglo Saxon comprises three Germanic tribes Angles, Saxons and Jutes that were migrated to the land of Britain in early 5th century just after the end of Roman Rule over Britain. However, the term Anglo Celtic is used for Australian people that were actually migrated from Britain and Ireland to the land of Australia and were called Celtic nations. Anglo Celtic also includes the tribe of Angles that was the dominating tribe in Britain.

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