What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Diction, Voice, Tone and Mood

Every living thing has the ability to express his feelings in different ways. Human beings can express their feelings and thoughts in verity of ways. Everyone has different style of talking and different people give different expression in different situations. Diction, Voice, Tone and mood are some ways, which are different for everyone. However, many of us get confused about their proper usage, at right place. Here, we are describing the difference between them.


Diction has many different meanings, but distinctiveness of speech is the most common one. The quality of the speech, when someone speaks clearly and other person can understand him completely, is called as diction. It is not about the choice of words or style of speaking; rather it is about pronunciation and pauses at right places. In literary sense diction has different meanings.


Voice is the sound created by the vocal cords of human beings, which he uses for talking, laughing and crying. The frequency of a normal human voice ranges from 60 to 7000 Hz. Lungs, larynx and articulators are the major parts, which play important role in voice production. Different pitch and tone make every human voice, a different voice.


Tone is the characteristic of a language, which distinguish words from each other. Emotions and other expressions are clearly delivered to the listener through tone. By using tone, we convey our emphasis on a specific word. Some language use tone in more extensive way like Mandarin Chinese, while some other languages have very limited use of tone, like Japanese and Somali.


Mood is an emotional state, which is often long lasting, usually spread over a period of few days or hours. It is not a personality trait; rather it is an emotional state. Good mood and bad mood are commonly heard words.

Diction vs Voice vs Tone vs Mood

Diction, voice and tone are related to speech and language, while mood is an emotional state, which changes quickly. Diction is about distinctiveness of speech, which is about correct pronunciation. On the other hand, voice is the sound created by the vocal cords of human being. Voice gives the power of speaking. Tone is the characteristic of language, which distinguish one word from the other. Everyone has different tone and voice quality.

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