What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Involuntary Aggravated Voluntary Manslaughter

There are various kinds of action and reactions, which are executed by humans and animals like voluntary and in voluntary actions, manslaughter and aggravation. These all are different from each other in sense. Let’s have a look on difference between all of them.


It is a term used to kill a human being legally or by law. Manslaughter is considered as less responsible then a murder. In 7th century, Dracon set the difference between murder and manslaughter. Generally, law differentiates between the different crimes and state of minds.

Voluntary Action

It is an action, which is done by conscious of a person or organism. The person, who is executing a voluntary action, is aware of to do that. A voluntary action requires reflexes to do the action. It is opposite to an in voluntary action.

Involuntary Action

It is totally opposite to voluntary action. It is a response of any stimulus, which occurs out side the body. For example, in excitement or anxiety pupil get wide. It is an in voluntary action. Closing of pupil due to a sudden glare is also an in voluntary inaction.


Aggravation is also known as frustration. It is a response in reaction of an anger or disappointment. It is a common emotional response by a person.

Manslaughter vs Voluntary Action vs Involuntary Action vs Aggravated

The difference between manslaughter and a voluntary action is that, manslaughter is a term used for killing a human being by law. It is considered less strong then murder. It has two types voluntary and in voluntary manslaughter. While a voluntary, action is done by consciousness from an organism. Difference between in voluntary action and aggravated is, in voluntary action require no reflex. It is a response of any type of stimulus outside the body. While, aggravation or frustration is an emotional response due to anxiety or disappointment.

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