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What is the Difference between Cc and Bcc

We all receive lot of Emails daily and among all of them, some belong to our personal contacts and some with all other people. While receiving or sending the mail, usually we do not pay much attention towards header of mail. Here are two terms namely “Cc:” and “Bcc:” which are also present in header of our mails along with an option “To:” To use these options, it is necessary to understand the differences between them.


Cc is the abbreviation of “Carbon Copy” and this option is mostly available at the header of our messages. Actually, we use this option at that time, when we want to send the same message at a time to more than one person. You can see that below the option “To:” there is always an option “Cc:” in our sending or receiving mails. It means the carbon copy of that message, which we are sending to any person, can be send to other person or persons as well.


Bcc is the abbreviation of “Blind carbon Copy”. Bcc is also used for sending the same message to more than one people at a time. However, the specialty in this case is that, other receivers of same mail cannot view the Email addresses of those persons, who have received the same message from us through “Bcc:”

Cc vs Bcc

In case of Cc, every person who has received the same mail from us can view the Email addresses of those people as well, who have received this mail through the option “To:” or “Cc:” On the other hand, Bcc allows us to send the same message at a time to some special person secretly. The persons, who are receiving the same message at a time via the options “To:” or “Cc:” cannot view the mail address of that person, who has get this message via “Bcc:”

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