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What is the Difference between Firefox Extension, Addon And Plugin

There was a time, when people have no alternate choice in terms of internet browsing except internet explorer thanks to its cool and really impressive features. However, after some time, many other browsers came in front of us with more exclusive features as compared to internet explorer. Firefox is one of those leading web browsers that have spell bound the users thanks to its flawless features like Firefox Extensions, Add-ons And Plug-ins. This is the reason that has become a major cause of attracting more and more people towards this internet browser. Let’s see the difference between these catchy features offered by Firefox.

Firefox Add-on

Add-ons are nothing, but a type of software that has ability to augment the functional features of Firefox much more. It is very easy to download, install and use these Firefox add-ons to make your web browsing more efficient. The additional features that you can get from installing add-ons are like online weather checking, price comparison, some additional music features and more attractive Fire Fox look.

Firefox Extension

Firefox Extensions are a type of add-ons that you can install on your computer as third-party software. In fact, Firefox Extensions add some special type of features in existing features of Fire Fox. These extra features are like quick downloading of videos, blocking the undesirable advertisements, integration of Fire Fox with various social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook.

Firefox Plugin

Firefox Plugins are also a type of add-ons that are not only prepared by other companies, but also allow the accessibility of various websites contents by means of patented formats like QuickTime, Flash and Silver Light.

Firefox Extension vs Addon vs Plugin

Firefox add-ons are just like application of web browsers that you can choose and install according to your desire. On the other hand, both Firefox add-ons and plug-ins are the types of add-ons but with different specialties. Firefox extensions can work on existing features of browser and enhance its functionality in contrast to Firefox plug-ins that are complied and loadable modules.

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