What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Internet Explorer Opera Safari Firefox Chrome

The world has progressed very much in the field of technology and is making progress by leaps and bounds. The computer has solved many problems is tending to solve the remaining unsolved ones. The facility of the internet has changed the world into a global village and it is very easy to contact now with the other person living in any part of the world. There are many important t things which are essential for the working of internet. One of the basic necessity is internet  browser. Here we are going to discuss few types.

Internet Explorer

It is an internet explorer of the Microsoft Windows which used to be the most popularly used internet explorer. It is series of the graphical web browser which has been produced by the Microsoft.


It is a web browser and internet suit which is the creation of the opera software. It is mostly used in the mobiles due to its easy use and has over 200 million users across the world.


It is the internet browser which has been made by the Apple Inc. it has latest operating system and is the default browser for the apple Inc.


It is the free and open source web network which is an application of Mozilla Co-operation. It is the second most used web browser across the world.


It is the web browser which has been designed by the Google developers. It is the third most used web browser in the world. It uses web layout kit.

Internet Explorer Vs Opera Vs Safari Vs Firefox Vs Chrome

Internet explorer is the product of Microsoft windows and is widely used worldwide while opera is usually used in mobile applications. Safari is a web browser of Apple Inc and is using latest OS technology. Fire fox is a browser of Mozilla and is second most used while Google made Chrome is at number three.

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