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What is the Difference between Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express

In the entirely busy life of today where a person has no time for others and the speed of life is increasing day by day and making man to forget the relations which are dear to him. A man doesn’t see faces of his children because of his tense schedule and day night meeting and also misses important family functions. In such a tiring schedule the new inventions are helping us to stay in contact with our dear ones. E-mail is one of the sources which keep us intact with our relation even in our busy fast schedule. To make things more easy the computer developers are launching software and applications that makes it more easy to check our email and we can check it now even just by a click with the help of few applications which we are doing  to discuss here.

Outlook Express

It is an e-mail and news client which is included in windows 98 and windows XP. It uses windows address book to save contact information and is compatible with windows messenger in windows XP. It makes us able to access our email address and to get rid of web e-mail.

Mozilla Thunderbird

It is a Mozilla developed e-mail and news client which was launch in the last of 2004 and become popular like fire of a forest. It is available in 52 languages. Its certain features gave it an edge over Outlook Express.

Live Mail

It is the latest –email client launched by Microsoft windows which replaced Outlook Express and has been more efficient. It is compatible with windows 7 and vista. It is advancement to Outlook Express.

Outlook Express Vs Mozilla Thunderbird Vs Live Mail

These all application enable us to access our e-mail without using web address but outlook express is only compatible with windows 98 and XP while Windows Live can be used with Windows 7 and vista. Mozilla Thunderbird is a free source, cross word e-mail client and is developed by Mozilla where as Outlook and Windows Live are products of Microsoft.

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