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What is the Difference between Basque Valencian Castilian Catalan and Spanish

There are so many names of languages that have relation to Spanish language or a part of Spanish language. Ultimately, it becomes a very confusing chapter to realize the origin and concept of these languages. Basque, Valencian, Castilian, Catalan and Spanish are some of these confusing languages that are difficult to distinguish. Here, we try to clear the difference between these identical languages.


Basque is the language of people that live in Basque country. This is the area that spans from northeastern Spain to southeastern France. It is the ancestral language of people belongs to Basque region, so only 25.7% Basque people speak this language.


Velencian is a very contentious language and there are lots of theories and researches about the origin and status of this language. On the whole, an average concept is that, it is the old name of Catalan language that was widely spoken in Valencian Community.


Castilian is the primary and ancient language of Spanish people. Spain was the area in which many other languages were also flourishing in the same time and Castilian was one of these languages. In a broader sense, it was the language of people belongs to Castile region in Spain.


Catalan is one of the widely speaking languages in Spain and neighboring regions since ancient times. In Andorra, this language has official status and in many Spanish communities it is co-official language.


Spanish is one of the most ancient and still widely speaking as well as rapidly flourishing languages of the world. it has become a well-known International language and source of communication between people belong to different regions and even continents. It is the second mostly widely speaking and studying language as well as third most using language at internet.

Basque vs Valencian vs Castilian vs Catalan vs Spanish

Basque language is the historic language of people belongs to Basque region that is the northeastern area of Spain and southeastern area of France. Valencian and Catalan languages have no any difference, except that Valencian is the old name of Catalan. Castilian is one man historic languages of Spain that especially belong to Castile region. However, Spanish language is not only ancient, but second most widely speaking ancestral language that is flourishing in many continents of globe.

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