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What is the Difference between Written and Spoken Language

To determine language skill of any person, it is necessary to examine it in both spoken and written way. It is not true that any person who can write any language in well manner can spoke it in as fluent way and vice versa. This thing reveals us that there are some differences between written and spoken languages. To know about these differences between spoken and written languages, here is the comprehensive discussion.

Written Language

In simple words, the definition of written language is that, any language that we can read from any readable medium like paper or computer. In fact, written language is somewhat much precise and correct in terms of tenses and grammar. Moreover, it is much sophisticated way to express the views in very formal way.

Spoken Language

The simple definition of Spoken Language is that, these are words of any language that we speak through mouth or a way of expressing our ideas in oral means. The specialty of spoken language is that, there is no need to become formal in terms expressing our views in spoken language. Moreover, body actions and accent make it more simple to understand the spoken language even in case of some grammatical errors.

Written Language vs Spoken Language

There are many differences between spoken and written language. In fact, spoken language is somewhat easily understandable and cool way of expressing ideas, as it does not require precise punctuation and grammar rules like in case of written language, where we must follow the strict grammar rules, tenses, punctuations and even spellings. Furthermore, written language is a very formal way of communication in contrast to spoken language that does not require any formal actions and becomes more easy for other people tom understand it with the help of body actions, accent and tone.

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