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What is the Difference between Attorney, Solicitor and Barrister

Law and order is very important part of any civilized society. To keep the law and order many authoritative bodies work and some people play a very important role in this regard. Attorney, solicitor and barristers are very important pillars of the building of law. They not only provide legal support and awareness about law, but also help in case of legal problems. They also help law providing authorities to know the facts and findings about a particular case.


Attorney is a lawyer in some countries, and it is called as attorney at law. His provides all the necessary legal help to his clients. Attorney general is a legal advisor to the government. In some case, people file cases against government. In these cases, attorney general provides necessary help. He also assists government agencies in international legal matters. In both cases attorneys provide legal help, either to the public or to the government agencies.


A solicitor is also a lawyer, but traditionally he conducts legal proceedings in court rooms. In different countries solicitors have different responsibilities. In UK solicitors and barristers have different roles, while in Canada and New Zealand they can perform in both capacities.


Barristers are also a class of lawyers, but they are expert in court room advocacy and drafting legal pleadings. They also provide legal opinion in different legal matters. Clients do not hire barristers directly; rather they are retained by solicitors. Barristers act on the behalf on their clients, in court rooms.

Attorney vs Solicitor vs Barrister

All these are legal advisors, but provide assistance in difference capacities. Their roles vary in different countries and according to the legal system of the country. Attorney is the general lawyer who provides necessary help to his clients. Attorney at law is the government legal advisor, who provides help in international legal matters to the government agencies. Solicitors are lawyers, who not only provide legal help but they can represent themselves in court room on behalf of their clients. Barristers can also provide legal support, but they can appear in court room on behalf of their clients, if they were asked to do so by a solicitor or some legal agent. Usually solicitors are hired by the clients but barristers are very rarely hired. On the other hand, for common issues people hire attorneys. In some countries, there is no difference between solicitor and barrister; however in some others one cannot perform the duties of other.

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