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What is the Difference between Dea, Atf, Fbi and Cia

There is no such country in the whole world that would be completely safe from crime. These crimes could be of different nature like physical violence, drug abuse, diverting the rules or paying harmful for the whole country. Different countries adopt various ways to control these crime rates by establishing different crime-control departments. In United States of America, there are four major departments that struggle day and night to minimize the crime-rate within the country and also keep an eye on the activities of other countries for keeping their countries safe from any harmful acts.  These four crime-control departments are Dea, Atf, Fbi and Cia. Let’s take a brief overview on these departments.


DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration is the law enforcement department that works under the United States Federal Department of Justice. The key responsibilities of this agency are control of drug smuggling within the country and from other countries as well as controlling its use in United States.


ATF or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also a law enforcement department within the United States that works under the US department of treasury. The key role of this department is tracking and controlling the activities of criminal organizations, storage and use of explosives, use of firearms, illegal use of alcohol and tobacco products as well as keeping an eye on danger of terrorism.

FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation works under the United States department of Justice with wide range of responsibilities including internal intelligence and criminal investigation as the key roles. Other roles are saving the United States from cyber attacks, terrorist attacks, internal violence including white-collar violence.


CIA or Central Intelligence Agency is the crime-control department that works under the Director of National Intelligence. The key responsibility of CIA is the reporting exact data about national security intelligence assessment.

DEA vs ATF vs FBI vs CIA

No doubt, the key aim of all these agencies is the secure United States from illegal acts and dangers. However, their areas are somewhat different from each other. DEA is drug controlling authority, while ATF controls use of drugs as well as explosives and firearms within the country. FBI and CIA are investigation departments, but FBI works on larger scale including criminal investigation as well as controlling of terrorist and cyber attacks.

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