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What is the Difference between Human Eye and Animal Eye

Eye is a sensitive organ of a living organism’s body. In different organisms location and sensitivity of eye varies. Eye captures the light and the complex system in the let the animal see around him. Human eye is different from animals eyes. Some animals can see in the dark, while every animal has different seeing abilities, depending on the internal structure of the eye. Here are we describing some important differences between human eye and Animal eye.

Human Eye

In human eye are located right in the front. It is a sensitive organ and consists of rod and cone cells, mainly. Human eye can differentiate many colors and according to a research it can distinguish between millions of colors. The size of pupil changes with the quantity of light. The amount of light, which a human eye receives, regulates various things like melatonin hormone and regulation of body clock. The size of human eyes is almost similar; in adult it can vary just by 1 or 2 mm. Human eye is complex system, which is directly related to human functions.

Animal Eye

Animal eyes are different in different animals. Animals eyes have tapetum, which is a reflective structure, present near the retina. This structure works like a mirror; it reflects the light and retina can capture more and more light. Dogs, cats and other animals which are active during night have tapetum. When we see an animal eye, when lights get reflected we see yellow and green color that is due to the presence of tapetum.

Human eye Vs Animal eye

Eye performs the same function, i.e the vision; however the structure of human eye is different if we compare it with animal eye. There are two types of cells in eyes, rods and cones. Human eye have three types of cone cells, while animals like dogs have two types of cone cells. Human eye can judge colors better than animal eyes; majority of the animals cannot differentiate between different colors, especially red. The corneas and pupils of animals are larger than human, so that they can receive more light. Animals can detects lower levels of light but humans cannot. Animal eyes can recognize moving objects too, but human eyes have limited ability to do so. These are just the few differences, there are many more. Different animals have different eyes, so we cannot explain every feature in detail.

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