What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Self-Esteem Self-Efficacy Self-Confidence Self-Worth Self-Respect Self-Image Self-Concept

A person is very important in a society. A person is the entity, a unit, which plays his role in the development of society. It is very important to respect each and every individual in society. Some terms are commonly used in this regard, like self- Esteem, self- efficacy, self confidence etc. All these have different meaning, and here we are trying to differentiate between these terms.


Self-esteem is usually used to describe the overall evaluation of a person’s own worth. Self –esteem include beliefs and emotions, for instance despair, pride and shame. Self- esteem is defined in both ways, i.e. descriptive and evaluative self related statements.


Self-efficacy corresponds to a person’s belief in his own competence and abilities. Development of self- efficacy is very important as it is a path way to lead a happy and more productive life.

Self Confidence

Self assuredness about one’s judgment, abilities and power is called as self confidence. When one will be confident about his abilities, he will be able to apply them in a more efficient and effective way.

Self Worth

When a person respects his own opinion, this aspect is called as self- worth. Self worth is a component of self confidence. When one will give respect to his own opinion, he will be able to build his self confidence in a number of other ways.

Self Respect

When one respects and regards the dignity of his own character, it is called as self respect. Everyone has a different character and personality, so self respect is very important to get a proper place in the society.

Self Image

Self image is the picture of a person’s mind, which others see. It includes height, weight, hair color, gender etc. Self image has three components, how he sees himself, how other sees him and how he perceives that other see him.

Self concept

A person’s perception of self, about his characteristics like academic qualifications, gender, race etc, is collectively called as self concept. It is a multi dimensional terms and envelopes many aspects of one’s personality.

Self-Esteem vs Self-Efficacy vs Self-Confidence vs Self-Worth vs Self-Respect vs Self-Image vs Self-Concept

All these terms are very important for an individual. Usually they are used interchangeably, but there is slight difference between them. Self esteem is an evaluative term, while self concept is very general. Self esteem is about judgment of oneself. On the other hand, self efficacy and self respect are part of self concept. Self confidence and self worth are related to one’s abilities, but self esteem is not directly related with abilities. Self image is about appearance; while all others are about abilities and having belief in himself.

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