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What is the Difference between No Moon, Dark Moon, New Moon and Full Moon

Moon is the fifth largest satellite in our solar system and it is the only natural satellite, which revolves around planet earth. Moon is the second bright object in the sky after Sun. Moon has always fascinated human and many interesting stories are associated with it. Dark moon, new moon and full moon are different terms associated with different conditions of moon. Here we are describing difference between them.

No Moon

No moon is the condition, when there is no moon at night. Revolving around earth, moon changes its time of appearance. Once in a month it appears early in the morning and that night it totally dark, this situation is called as no moon.

Dark moon

When moon is invisible due to the backdrop of the sun, this situation is called as dark moon. It is similar to no moon. Its duration is 2 to 4 days approximately. Dark moon depends on the position of earth and sun, with respect to each other.

New moon

When dark portion of moon faced the earth and sun rays hot only a very small part of the moon, it is called new moon. At this stage moon starts it new cycle of revolving around the earth. Usually, moon is not visible to the naked eye in this condition.

Full Moon

Full moon is the condition, when moon is at 180 degree from sun i.e. in complete opposition with the sun. It occurs on the 14th of lunar month. Moon is full bright at this stage of its life.

No Moon vs Dark Moon vs New Moon vs Full Moon

No doubt, No Moon, Dark Moon, New Moon and Full Moon are somewhat confusing terminologies in terms of almost similar words. However, they are different from each other in terms of meanings. No moon and dark moon are more or less similar, when moon is invisible in the sky due to the backdrop of sun. New moon is the beginning of its revolution around earth, when moon is called crescent. Full moon is the most right stage in the monthly life of moon.

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