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What is the Difference between Confederation, Federalism and Republicanism

Political system of any country is very important as it determines not only the power system in country but also the status of relationship with other countries. Many political systems prevail all over the world. Confederation, Federalism and republicanism are few well known political systems. A large number of countries are republic countries, while countries working under other systems also exist. However, a common person cannot differentiate between them. Here we are mentioning some basic differences between them, which will makes things easy for a common person.


A political system in which political units unite for common action permanently is called Confederation Units of confederation often adopt a common constitution and they have same currency, foreign policy and defense system. In this system, central government provides support to all units. Confederation word is also used in meanings other than political. Sports confederations are common all over the world.


Federalism is another political concept in which units are bound and important matters are governed by the representative head. In this system sovereignty is divided among the provinces or states and central governing authority. European federalism and Canadian federalism are famous all over the world.


In republican system, head of state is appointed by elections, instead of heredity. Laws are passed by the leaders of the country for the benefit of entire state. In republic system, ordinary citizens are chosen by the people and they manage the state for a definite period of time. However, risk of corruption is more in this system.

Confederation vs Federalism vs Republicanism

All these are three different political concepts, which are prevailing in different countries of the world. Confederation is a political system, in which provinces, states or other units unite permanently. On the other hand in federalism powers are divided among the units but important matters are governed by the political head of the country. In republicanism head of the state is choose by elections, instead of any other method of selection. In confederation, central government provides support to the other units, while in case of republicanism provinces have their own rights in most of cases and central government cannot interfere in their matters. Most of the countries in the world are republic, while European and Canadian federalism are famous all over the world. In confederation and federalism chances of corruption are really less if we compare them with republican system. These are the few basic differences between these political systems.

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