What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between High Commission, Embassy and Consulate

Development and management of foreign affairs are the necessary role of any government. Without developing relations with other nations of the whole world, no country can survive. For this aim, countries make consistent contact with other countries via their high Commission, Embassy and Consulate offices. No doubt, all these offices represent any specific country in other countries of globe. However, the task of these offices is different from each other. To see this difference, just read these few lines.

High Commission

High commission represents an office of a nation or country into another country particularly in the capital city of that country. In fact, commonwealth countries use this term in their countries to represent the embassy of one country into another country. However, the aim of a High commission office of one country in other countries could be a diplomatic mission or even not. The person commands high commission office is called high commissioner of representing country.


An embassy represents the diplomatic office of a country in the capital of another country. The aim of an embassy of a country in another country is purely diplomatic mission. Moreover, it is the way of developing relationship with other nations in terms of exchange of manpower as well as other foreign matters. The person commands the embassy is called ambassador.


A consulate represents the branch office of a country’s embassy into another country that lies in other cities of that countries rather than capital. In fact, these are smaller embassies with limited decision power that a country establishes in those smaller cities of other countries, which have much value in terms of international trade.

High Commission vs Embassy vs Consulate

The power and aim of both high commissions and embassies are same, but the terms high commission represents the embassy of one country into the capital of another country that must be a member of common wealth. Only a little difference between high commission and embassy could be that, a high commission may or may not have aim of diplomatic mission in contrast to embassy that must have aim of diplomatic mission. On the other hand, a consulate is just a smaller unit of sub-office of a embassy into the other cities of that country, in which embassy is of a particular country is working.

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