What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Watertight, Water Repellent, Waterproof and Water Resistant

Water is one of the basic and most desirable elements of our planet without which we cannot imagine life of any living organism on this planet. However, when we talk about some man-made things, we want to keep them safe from water as water is dangerous for those things. Such things are like electronic devices, building materials, paints and many more. We try to protect these things from water and that why we try to introduce such property in that thing or in the casing of that thing which could keep them safe from water.  When we become successful in introducing such property in our desired things, we call these things Watertight, Water Repellent, Waterproof or Water Resistant. Let’s see the difference between these similar meaning words.


We call anything water tight or you can say we make anything water by enclosing it in closely fitted or properly sealed packing material so that water could not reach up to the thing that we want to keep safe from water. In other sense, water tight body could also be such that which would be already full of water and from which we do not want to leak out any drop of water.

Water Repellent

Water repellency is the property of any material that allows it to keep away or resist water and does not allow the water to penetrate into body from its surface for longer time. However, there is a certain limit of every water repellent material beyond that normally depends upon quantity of water trying to be entering into the body. When the limit exceeded, water repellent tendency of material diminishes.


Waterproof is also tendency of material that keeps the water away from body or you can say does not allow water to enter into the material on permanent basis. Waterproof tendency could be natural as well as could be generated within the materials artificially.

Water Resistant

Water resistant is synonymous word for waterproof and used in the similar meanings.

Watertight vs Water Repellent vs Waterproof vs Water Resistant

Water tight is entirely different property of material from other mentioned properties which are water repellent and water proof or water resistant. We make anything watertight by providing some sealing material around it. However, water repellency and water proofing are the properties of materials itself that keep the water away from them. The difference is only that, in case of water repellency there is certain limit of material to repel water and afterwards its tendency become loses. On the other hand, water proof or water resistant is the property of material that keep it safe from water on permanent basis.

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