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What is the Difference between Enamel, Fabric, Tempera, Acrylic and Oil Paint

Paints are commonly used chemicals for decoration of various surfaces like fabric, buildings and wall paintings. These are the paints that give beauty and attractive look to any ordinary or even bad-looking surface. Enamel, Fabric, Tempera, Acrylic and Oil Paint are different types paints that are used for painting materials. However, all these paints are different with each other in terms of their chemical as well as end use. Let’s clear the concept between these different types of paints.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paints are used for painting of outside surface that continuously face variation of weather. These are the paints become hard and give glossy look, when dry with the help of air. Usually, polyurethane is mixed with oil or water to make oil-based or water-based enamel paints respectively.

Fabric Paint

As clear from the name, these are the paints that are particularly used for painting of fabric surface to give them a dashing look. Fabric paint is the combination of pigment and glue-like binder. The binder helps to hold the pigment on surface of fabric for longer time.

Tempera Paint

Tempera paint is a mixture of powder pigment and water-soluble sticky binder to hold the applying surface for longer time. Usually, egg yolk without membrane is used to mix the pigment. Tempera paints are highly water-resistant and dries quickly, so cannot be stored after preparation.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints also contain color pigment but mixed in acrylic emulsion. These color are usually thick and give long-lasting effect. As dries quickly, so diluted with water only just after preparation.

Oil Paint

Oil paints are prepared by making suspension of powder pigment in linseed oil. These are slow-drying paints and give hard-wearing and lustrous effect so can be applied on various surfaces like wood and metals. Their viscosity can be changed by adding spirit or turpentine.

Enamel vs Fabric vs Tempera vs Acrylic vs Oil Paint

Enamel paints are most hard-surfaced paints that can easily bear severe variations in weather conditions, so widely used for painting of outdoor portions of buildings. They are available in both water as well as oil-based form. Unlike enamel paint that is prepared by polyurethane, all other paints like Fabric, Tempera, Acrylic and Oil Paints are prepared by creating suspension of pigments into some suitable solvents. Solvents for Fabric, Tempera, Acrylic and Oil Paints are binder, egg-yolk, acrylic emulsion and linseed oil respectively. Moreover, oil paints are only slow-drying paints unlike other paints that are fast drying.

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